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Darren & Carlene Paul & Catrina Peter & Jules Ralph Kathryn Inglis Dave & Shona
Terry & Dyllis Alex Wissmar George & Mary Bar Night Life Lindos Internet Cafe

Darren & Charlene

Here're Darren and Charlene strutting their funky stuff down at Bar Night Life. These guys are great fun to be with, and I really am glad I met them, because truth be told if I hadn't then I wouldn't have had as good a time in Lindos as I did.

we met in one of the Lindos bars that has satellite TV on the night of the Manchester Utd. V someone or other. (You can probably tell that I'm not so enthralled about football - but it was the cup final and I do watch the really important matches.) I'd explained to Darren how I'd had a run in with a certain obnoxious South Aftrican who coincidentally Darren had also come across with almost the same result. I forget exact details but Darren and Charlene, from Norwich, met at work and were married this year ('99) We met within the first few days of our holiday and met up quite often in our two week holiday. Thanks for the send off guys! I had a great night.

Paul & Catrina

Here's another couple that made a big difference to my holiday. Here're Paul and Catrina at one of the bars in Lindos. (It's not that everyone I met is a bar-fly. Lindos is a beautiful place to visit but a little limited in things to do at night.) We met while checking in with our tour guide on the second day of our holiday and the second time we met a few days later I mistook Catrina for a girl I'd met on the beach earlier that day until reminded by a very firm handshake from Paul. The misunderstanding was quickly sorted out and we would meet up for drinks, chat and pass time on an evening, which was great. Now back at home in Windsor they still keep in touch via E-mail (If only there where enough time in the day for me to get back to you two on a fair-to-regular basis.)

Pete and Jules

Here are Pete and Jules Ralph at Manoli's. Pete, who is from Hull, met Jules his wife from Minnesota while surfing the net. I also met Pete's family who'd joined the two on holiday.

Kathryn on the beach

I know that this photo is less than complementary but it's the only one I have seeing as it turns out Kathryn is a tad camera shy! I met Kathryn and her friend Irene at Manoli's one night and we chatted for a long time. Kathryn is from Grangemouth, Scotland, where she works for a chemical company I use to deal with while working for Celanese UK earlier this year.

Dave & Shona with Shona's parents in front of the Chapel at Saint Paul's Bay.

Dave & Shona

Dave and Shona were married while on holiday with their families in Lindos. It was a beautiful setting for their wedding. They live in London with their baby son and Dave used to manage a pub around the corner from the Shakespeare's Head in Carnaby St. around the same time I was working there. Here they are, on the left cutting the cake. Congratulations to the both of you.

Another shot with family and friends.

Dyllis & Terry

Here're Dyllis and Terry from Derbyshire in front of the Lindos Acropolis. We met at the 60's bar the first couple of nights I was in Lindos and they were very helpful in solving a certain problem I had right at the beginning of my holiday (They're definitely on my Christmas card list.)

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