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Turkish Tea

I was hoping to take a trip over to Turkey for a couple of days but by the time I got around to to catching the boat I'd quite run out of time. So instead I went on the organised day trip to Marmaris. The crossing doesn't take too long and (as was quite usual) the weather was great.

While leaving the boat and making my way to the town from the port I got talking to Alex Wissmar who was heading in the same direction. Alex had spent some time in Turkey some years earlier and was now travelling again after having spent some time in Scotland. We stopped awhile to watch a dance festival and spent several hours wandering around the markets and having the 'millionaire' experience. These days the Turks work in Millions of Lira - a cup of tea will cost a couple of hundred thousand. In the photo we splashed out on a Turkish cup of tea.

George & Mary

Here I am with George and Mary Welling on the ferry just about to sail back to Lindos. I bumped into George and Mary as I was going back to the harbour. They both looked a little tired after walking around Marmaris and we took a taxi back together. George would have been especially tired as he has to walk with a stick, which was a result of his time spent in Korea during the Korean War. It was his Korean baseball cap that made me strike up conversation in the first place. Unfortunately I got on the wrong boat with the couple and as soon as I'd discovered my mistake I had to leave the boat, so if anyone out there should know how I can get in touch with them drop me a line.


This has got to be one of the funniest after holiday stories I have. I met Joe and his girlfriend (who both seemed rather nice and I'm sure his girlfriend is) while coming back from Turkey. We got talking and exchanged e-mail addresses. Much later (about August / September after I had come to Taiwan I received a message from this 'nice' guy 'informing' me that he had 'come across' my web page and he gave me the link. So when I clicked onto the link I was taken to a really poorly made site with verbal abuse, homophobic (don't worry - I'm not!) crap and my personal e-mail address in big friendly lettering across the top! This guy's name is Joe Prystupa and he lives and studies somewhere in Dundee ( I will find out where.) I'd like to give you his e-mail address so you could spam it if you wish, but unfortunately the nice people at were less than impressed with his work and .... oops! I hear they deleted it! Ha-Ha!!


I don't have too many photos of myself on my site and I think that this one wasn't too bad so I'll let it go. Here I am enjoying the sun en route to the Acropolis.

Lindos internet Cafe

Here I am with the guys of the Internet Cafe in Lindos which has to contend with the island's poor line connections to stay in business. The Cafe's a nice place place to hang out drink coffee and catch some TV when the weather gets too hot.

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