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Da boyz in da hood
I guess a lot of people thought I'd been there far too long anyway (Especially John Lee, the manager) so after five months and a good opportunity to be closer to my school I packed my bags and trotted down to Shui Yuan Lu where I moved in with Rebecca and Naomi, which is where I've been now since November. It seems strange to think it's gone by so quickly. At the time I was really wondering if I was doing the right thing by moving out because the crew at the HFII were a riot to be with and it was about this time I genuinely started enjoying being in Taiwan. There were a couple of weekends when I didn't even have time to sleep. In the picture above you can see the guys with whom I've had two of the best (out witht the lads kind of ) weekends in Taipei. They are from left to right Jake from Minnesota, yours truly, Mattheus from Germany,and Andy Louis?and Kevin Pozniak both from Canada. We're all pictured on the roof of my apartment overlooking the Hsien Dien River.

Jake has a favourite story he'd like to tell people about me when he was here. It concerns the last day I was at the HFII and I needed boxes to shift my stuff. So we'd been to the shops and on the way back I saw some cardboard boxes full of newspaper by a car repair shop and asked the boss if it was okay to take a couple of boxes, which he okayed. However when I started taking the newspaper out he told me I'd have to take the contents too and find somewhere to dump it. Luckily there was a restaurant in the alley on the way back to the hostel so I thought it'd be easier if I just use the black plastic bag which was outside. Funnily enough the lady owner,who was watching from the restaurant, didn't share my enthusiasm for the idea and came out chirping something in Chinese that seemed to go along the lines of 'get the hell out of it.' So I started to take the newspaper out of the bag and back into the box. One roll of newspaper fell onto the ground and the contents inside the roll must have been battery acid or something because when it rolled into a puddle and started billowing smoke the lady hit the roof. I apologised to the lady profusely but according to Jake her response was "'Dui bu Chi' my ass, get that sh*t outta here!"
It's pretty bare and basic yet it has potential.
As you can see from the picture the room was pretty bare when I moved in even though I had about five boxes of stuff to bring with me hence the help I had from the guys. Luckily we got everything into two taxis and the kept the cost of moving pretty low even though I thought we 'd lost one taxi for about ten minutes. After taking down the 'manga soft porn' left by Saffi the previous tenant the room looked very bare but within days I'd gotten the place looking lived in.

Postal address:Hess Language School,Hoping E.Rd. Sec.2 No.49-1,Fl.2,
106, Taipei, Republic of China.
Toll free voicemail (US only): 1 877 838 6859

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