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Report from

Thursday 14th February 

Happy Valentines day and a happy Chinese New Year to you all!

A double wammy greeting no less! For me the previous week has been very easy going and it's the calm before the storm, I'm sure. What do I mean by this? Well, of late I've been a little laid back and in the coming weeks (After Chinese New Year's (for which we get a week off (unpaid of course !))) I'll be helping Chantal du Toit and William Avery out by covering their classes for them. Hope you guys have a good time back home.

I do have to say a big congratulations to my friend Steve Groh for landing a stuntman part in the new Jackie Chan film "The Highbinders". Steve was online the other day and told me he'd been chatting with Jackie on the film set and told Jackie of his work teaching circus tricks to street children in Bangkok and Jackie invited Steve and the kids to perform a show for Jackie and his family at Chinese New Year!! Way to go, Steve!!!

Just before Christmas I found the perfect digital camera that's within my price range which is ideal for what I want to do. The Sony Mavicka CD300 will record straight onto a CDR with Mpeg1 video which means that some of the stuff I've done over here on TV could be on my pages within a few months. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can still get hold of one as Sonly is discontinuing them. Damnit!! I have one on order anyway.

It's that time of year again, just in case you weren't aware (although I've had some greetings from Selina Wu and Jitka concerning this matter - Yup! My birthday's coming up! PARTY TIME!!!! So all of you are invited to my place up in beautiful downtown Nan Shi Chiao on the 23rd February (okay I know my birthday's on the 25th but who's going to party until 5 in the morning on a weekday???) So bring music, beer and yourselves!!! Deal? I guess we'll start at around 8:00 and keep going until the police arrive!

Then I only have one week to go before I have to skip the R.o.C. to renew my visa. I'm thinking this time I'm going to hit Singapore because I've not yet been there, though nothing's set in concrete at this time. If anyone has any plans to be there or has friends or any suggestions of what I can do there for three days then please let me know!

You should be able to see my new online calendar on the navigation bar to the left (It all depends on wether I have the time to finish everything in my remaining time here in the internet cafe.) Now, as long as I keep it updated, you'll be able to keep tabs on where I'm going to be and if we're in the same part of the world then you can drop me a line and let's meet up!

Here's one thing that amused me today as I was checking my emails. I got an email from a guy called Rob Price and the subject of the email was simply "impostor!" Here's what he wrote:

hey, i'm rob price!

Here's my reply!

Well no doubt! What do you have, man, copyrights?

So, Rob Price, where you from? How old are you( i.e. how long have you bee Rob Price? ) I've been Rob Price since February 1970 and although I'm from the UK I currently reside in Taipei, Taiwan. It's my birthday soon so if you're in the neighbourhood, you can come along! What do you do? Hey, maybe we could start a Rob Price webring!! Hey, are you the guy who recently tapped "rob price" into google to find out that I'm the Rob Price who's topping the 'Rob Price' charts at the moment? (If not, then try it! I'm kinda proud of it!)

"Yes, I'm Rob Price,
I'm the real Rob Price,
All the other Rob Price
's don't eat as much rice,
so won't the real Rob Price
Please stand up, please stand up!"

Sorry, you caught me in one of my more lucid moments!

Well that's about all from me at the moment. Best to all and I hope to keep in touch with more of you on a more personal basis when time allows (yeah, when I make time, I know!)


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