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from Taiwan
Jul 29th, 2000
Here it is - a long time in coming. The updated front page. See the far column for the why of '6', the cent re column for new links etc... and this column just for a low-down on what's going on  wherever the heck I happen to be laying my hat.
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The why of '6'!

I've heard it said that nowadays we are only six people away from anyone else on the planet. That is to say that between you, I and any other person on the face of the Earth there are only six people who'll know someone who knows someone who knows etc... What an amazing thought! That the world is so rapidly shrinking, that there should be so few people between us all. This in itself should be reason enough to stop all wars, all crime, all hate. read more.



This page created using Composer & Notepad by Rob Price.Copyright 2000.