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Last updated 12-10-99.
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Click on the countries bordered in red Click here for pages set in Europe click here for my page on China Click here for my page on China Click here for Spain Click here for France Click here for Germany Click here for Gibraltar Click here for Switzerland Click here for Greece Click here for The Netherlands Click here for Korea Click here for Japan Click here for Taiwan Click here for Hong Kong
Welcome to my first ever website. This page is for frame disabled browsers. For frames enabled browsers click on the frames button in the column to the left. Apologies if you've had trouble reaching this page but I've been having trouble with my web authoring with Netscape since introducing the links to my FREE e-mail service supplied by ZZN.COM. Sign up today.
Explorer users can connect to my pages on the countries bordered in red on the map above or on the bar on the left. Navigator users please use the bar. It seems I've visited very few countries for such a large world - but I haven't finished yet.
Greetings from Taiwan. So it's now nearly four months since I got here and life is getting that little bit easier (it's been hard!) Classes are going well and I'm getting into a more stable routine. For a more recent report from Taipei click here and for my page on Taiwan'99 click hereThe page on my trip to Europe  isn't really up to date and to be honest I don't know when it will be, but to see how far I've got Click here! I guess I'll write again when time permits.

'Til next time - Rob

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