The Mystery Clears...

I received this mail from Suzanne 24th March,
I also worked out in Lindos in the 2001 summer season.Just to fill in the missing piece of the jigsaw the guy in the picture (with Manolis and Stefanos) is Tassos,He is one of our friends and I'm sure he would go mad if he remained The Med Bar has now been turned into a Nightclub called Archers and it is really popular with everyone in the village!! I'm going back to work in Lindos in May 2002 and can not wait,It really is a great place!! the puzzle's solved Thanks a lot for your mail, Suzanne, hope you have a great time back in Lindos!

Ah, there you are!

Ron from Toledo managed to trace Steve Groh (Now in Thailand - possibly soon in Japan) through a search engine which led him to my site.

Alex Goldberg, from Boston, is trying to get in touch with Coral Wilson from when they lived in Laguna, california. I too have lost touch with Coral, who looked after me when I was a total wetback in my early days of being in Taipei. Maybe there's someone out there who can help all of us. Thanks in advance.

Also, looking out for Jane Tywman is Eddy Iwanczuck who knows Jane from College days in Brighton. I too have lost touch with Jane so if anyone knows where she is now please let her know that Eddy and Rob would like to hear from her.


Sandra Kosanke was searching for Sally Northeast on the net and found her here and put Sally in touch with me again, too. Nice to hear from you Sally after all this time!

and this is really the last one!!

Well, just check out how surprised I was that nearly three years later, February 8, 2002 I receive this e-mail:

wow, what a surprise!
just for fun I take a search machine end enter my name and I find pictures of myself in lucern a long time ago. I didn't even remember, only now... what are you up to today? I'm a teacher and an actress ( and live in zščrich. hope to hear from you, greetings,