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Report from

Thursday, January 11th 2001 

As in the words of the late great Charles Schultz's Charlie Brown,"Good grief!" Is it really May already? What the heck just happened to those past five months? Okay, I know I'm several months behind schedule and for that I do apologise (a bit- heck I'm not going to go over the top.)

As maybe you've seen, Sonia flew back to Costa Rica last month and she's now there preparing to move on to New York where she'll study photography. (Todo lo mejor para tu exito mi carino!)

So, at long last, for my photos from Costa Rica you can click here. Bear with me for my pages on Los Angeles. I have some avi (video) files from my trip and I'm trying to figure out what exactly to do with them. Dang! So much to do, not enough time.

Studying at Taiwan Normal University (As opposed to Taiwan abnormal University?!) is paying off (hope so, it's the most expensive in Taiwan) I'm feeling that bit more confident in my Chinese studies and a couple of weeks ago I scored 95.5 on my weekly test. Not too bad, eh? (Yes, I know I'm showing off but heck, it's my site right?) Anyway, we have one dictation and one test per week based on the lesson for that week. Busy, busy, busy!

In the middle of April Thalie Theatre, headed by Iceland's very own Daniel Ingi Peturson, took a 26 strong cast and turned T.S. Elliot's "Murder in the Cathedral into something interesting, nay, enjoyable. Why do I take pains to tell you this you may ask, well after my acting debut in Taiwan last year with the Ladder English Company's Childrens' Christmas Show (Photo's here) I was invited by Suzanne Palm (also involved in both projects) to participate in Thalie's production of "Murder". Of course, it would only have to be that I had something to do with it, right? Rehearsals started in February and we performed six shows over the last two weekends. (April 14,15 - 21,22) Okay, Click here for press releases and photos. So whoever said that busy people get more done obviously didn't have web-site management in mind.

My contract with Hess English school is coming to an end. Yaaaaaaaaaaayy! I have another four weeks and then 'no more working evenigns!' The schools okay and I certainly will miss the kids who've been my students over the last two years (Some of them have been my students for the whole of the last two years, and each week they sit in my class wondering what the 'crazy foreigner' is going to do next, laughing at the parts I hope they'll laugh at, and grumbling when we have to get down to some serious studying. I've seen so many of them grow from cute young things into very young adults, still finding out about themselves and life. Well, still a few more weeks to go with these kids.

After that, what's next.

Well I have two tickets that'll run out in the next couple of months. One is from Taipei to Bangkok, so I thought I'd spend a couple of weeks sunning around the islands of Thailand and the next ticket goes from Bangkok, to the UK via Dubai so I'll check out the possibility of getting a stopover again in Dubai and maybe even a trek to Saudi Arabia. Ooh, I'm so excited I could crush a grape. Anyway, that's the plan - wether it turns out like that, time will tell.

I guess I'll be in touch again before I set off, until then...

Keep having fun!


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