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Howdy Par'ner!

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Getting out of the 
merciless February sun.


The Lid of the
tomb of Palenque.

Young kids begging
for change. 'Begging for change'
Doesn't that say it all?


One feature that did remind me that I was in a 'poorer' country was the site of small children begging for change. Here they are to the right.

We walked around for a while and stopped for a bite to eat at a small cafe that Jaime knows well. I can't be 100% on what I had but I'm fairly sure it had to be Casado once more.

Looking a bit nippy next
too a Mayan (I think) statue.

We wandered around the streets did a bit of shopping, watched a TV report being filmed outside some official looking sports building, hit a couple of bars (not many - Jaime was driving) before wearily heading back to the border and back stateside and having a few beers at a club Jaime knows well. I forget the name but the owner is a Taiwanese guy, and we chatted awhile.

What a cool way to end my day-trip to Mexico.

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