Here are some of the sites I use most and the ones I find most useful.
SixATW Mail- Free e-mail from sixaroundtheworld, which is adding more features all the time courtesy of ZZN.COM.
Rob's Comix- Well of course I'm going to use this site to plug my new site.
Universal Currency Converter- Going wandering? - Not sure of exchange rates? You need look no further than the bottom of this page for exchange rates changed every minute. Provided by Xenon Labs.
SixATW Sitering Add your site to my Six Around The World Sitering and get more hits!

Friend's sites & reciprocal links

Are you or do you know of a Korean Adoptee looking for help tracing his/her family? For someone to talk to with similar experiences here's Soo-ja Carstens' Korean Overseas Adoptees Message Board.
You leave school and the years go by, then suddenly one of your old schoolmates e-mails you out of the blue. Here's Dave Claydens music and graphics site Techman.
For those of you who've see the beauty of Lindos and want to share it click here to send on a Lindos Postcard provided by Andy Johnson.
Congratulations Andy & Mimi on your marriage. To see Andy & Mimi's Photos please click here.