This update October 16th,2010
Cologne, Germany.

Hello to anyone who just happens upon this page. I started this site in the late nineties and for one reason or another, I've done nothing to keep the site going.

What I'll actually do with the site... I'm not sure yet.

So I'm still in Cologne, Germany and updating the website is not really a priority - seeing as I'm on Facebook and am regularly in touch with old friends. I just reactivated the six_a_t_w(at) e-mail (which was the reason I couldn't log in for the last so many years. So I can be contacted there - although for the people in the know - I still use my yahoo account. In any case Tripod spams free websites with so many ads that I really can't see myself doing anything huge with Tripod - but it would be a shame to delete the site as I spent lots of time on it over the four years it was active.

Until I figure out what to do with this site, I'll just leave it as it is, but until then, there won't be any regular updates.

Iwish you all happiness and peace!!!