Flags wave and people cheer as jets leave red, white and blue trails above Buckingham Palace on the 50th Anniversary of V.E. Day. 1995

Lee, Moon-Suk, a Korean design student from Seoul, is the first friend I made in London. While doing my touristy bit walking around Green Park I found Moon walking around looking a tad lost. I should have learnt my lesson four years previously when I met Jaime Roque in Berlin but I asked Moon if he was Japanese. (Koreans are usually really insulted by this.) We chatted, went for a coffee and started meeting quite regularly. Sometimes we'd go to the Karaoke at the 'Duke of Argyll' on Windmill St. and afterwards we'd go up to Trafalgar Square sit on the lions and sing, drunkenly.

When I moved out to Korea in '96 the first place I stayed at was another English teacher's flat. I noticed that the telephone area code was the same as Moon-Suk's. Immediately I phoned Moon-Suk's number only to find that I'd moved into a flat literally less than five minutes away from Moon's.

Initially Moon was studying design in a private design school in London but more recently he was studying car design in Coventry University. Nowadays due to the unfortunate circumstances of the Korean economy he's back in Korea working and saving up to continue his studies.

I know Gerome through Naomi Butler (no photo unfortunately) who I also know through the Karaoke nights at the Duke of Argyll and who later on let one of her spare rooms to me in Ashmore Rd. when I was looking for somewhere to live. This young French guy has had a varied lifestyle, and alongside trying to cut his own album (he does have an excellent voice) his jobs have been as different as traffic warden to crew member in the Marble Arch branch of Pret a Manger. When his record is ready - here's one to watch.

Here's the posse I was working with at the Shakespeares Head in Carnaby Street. From left to right we have Jackie - Frank's wife, Tom -from Montenegro, Tracey - Gordon's girlfriend, Frank - one of the best and fairest bosses I've ever had, your's truly and Toby.

This was a wine tasting (excuse for a good booze-up) one night at the Shakespeare's Head restaurant. This was the night we got really tanked, and somebody opened the door wide open while I was on the toilet. Someone instantly blamed Toby and I was drunk enough to take a swipe. Emotions ran high and we did manage to calm things down. The following morning I woke up - in Olly the Bulldog's bed - and luckily the misadventure's of the night before were well forgotten - until now. Sorry Tobe!

I know that this isn't too well focused but it was taken by Anna who's on the left of the photo. Here I am with Anna and Tanja from Sweden in the upstairs kitchen of the Shakespeares Head pub in '85.

Here's the crowd ready to go to the Fridge in Brixton one night in '95. From left to right we have Livia's good friend and flatmate Junior and in front of him is his cousin. I'm not at all sure who the next two young ladies are. Next is Terry from Manchester with an undercover Livia next and finally, s'me.

Livia Rosa Aguiar Comes from Uberaba in Brazil and came to the UK to study English at the
Callan School of English, where I was to work later. We met however at the Duke of Argyl pub while singing on a Karaoke night.

Working as an English teacher in Uberaba Li is also following in her fathers footsteps and studying to be a lawyer.

All who know her know that she is simply one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet and whether in Brazil or London, to where she occasionally returns, you know that she is never short of friends.

Game for a laugh

Working in Toys was a great job - for the first so many hours. Imagine being paid to play like kids! There's only so long you can do it for though. The thing about working in the Toys at Selfridges was the people were usually very easy to get along with.

Mary Holt

Although it may not be the most flattering photo of Mary due to the elevation and poor Paul (I think) behind her is in mid-blink, this is the only photo I have of Mary Holt who worked on the Fisher-Price section in Selfridges. Mary, the last time I spoke with her, is studying Haemotology at King's College, London, which is more fitting of her scientific know-how and Chemistry Degree.
Working with Mary was a great pleasure as she is generally a happy person and recognised as such by all who know her.

Here's a shot that preceded the shot to end all shots (unfortunately not in my possession) when the young man of the scene (name escapes me but sold remote control toys in Selfridges) and Chloe and one other young lady tried to promote 'three-way-snogging as an Olympic event.

Dangerous Liasons


It's terrible when you work with someone for a length of time but later you can't remember their names. Here's my self with two of my workmates from Selfridges out on a Friday night around about the Christmas of '95. I'm pretty sure that the guy on the left of the photo is Paul Argyrides (That's not the kind of name you forget.)


Here's myself and Kenny Agbo dining out at my old workplace 'Claridges'. I'd always fancied treating myself to afternoon tea when I'd saved up enough to do it without worrying about the expense of it. Obviously I didn't want to do it on my own so I thought I'd invite an old friend to join me.

Kenny's a talented actor I met while working at Selfridges. We had planned to work together at a summer camp for foreign students in '96 but before the project got off the ground we both got offers with different jobs.

A French invasion of an Ozzie pub

Just before New Years I met Herve from France, whom I know from Claridges and worked as a chef there.

New Year's Eve

He told me that he was planning to go out with his French friends for New Years and asked if I'd like to join. I jumped at the chance as a lot of the people I know in London had plans elsewhere. It did worry me however that the French guys insisted on drinking in an Australian pub first off (South Pacific - Nuclear testing) but we were made to feel very welcome as the night was for celebrating. We had a great time and went totally mad. God knows what the rest of the revellers made of us as we walked around Trafalgar Square on each others shoulders complete with huge golf umbrella and jokey soft hats, generally having a good time and being asked down from lampposts by the local constabulary.

New Years '96

In the above photo you can see that I'm on Herve's shoulders and gathered around are his friends whose name's I'd love to remember but as we only shared company one night, are lost to me.

The same is true of this chap on my shoulders here who could be a Stephan or Christian - hopefully someone out there knows who they are.

If anyone can identify these guys I'd be really happy for you to E-Mail me at


Not a really flattering photo of Lucie my other former flatmate. Lucie, and two stars in the making actor David Leeke and singer Lucille were all schoolfriends from their native Southend on Sea and came to London together.

I was really lucky when I was looking for somewhere to stay while working at Selfridges. David was demonstrating for a toy company at the time and had plans to move back to Southend for a short while to work. Rather than finding a permanent new flatmate David offered his room to me temporarily. Living here was a non-stop party and Lucille and Lucie were totally on each others wavelengths. If only I had a recording of their answering machine message.

Lucille in wrap

Here's my former flatmate Lucille engrossed on the phone - so engrossed in fact that she only half-struggles against the cellotape wrapping itself around her (with a little help from me.)

As you can see there's always a way out.


You may find this shot extremely disturbing - and also the explanation behind it. These girls would do so much for a laugh it was unreal (remember I've already mentioned the answer phone messages) and Lucille contacted some lonely hearts columns for a laugh.

The poor creature under the improvised photo here is one such would-be stud whose ad Lucille answered. I've spared most embarrassement to poor old Jon by leaving Lucille's altered features blue-tacked over as created by Lucie one day. I think it's quite artistic.

Giovanna Speranzini

While working at the Shakespeare's Head in '95 I'd met Giovanna Speranzini and although she was only in London for a couple of weeks we kept in touch. Then in '96 while I was Studying for my TESOL Gio came back to the UK to work and study in Eastbourne. Gio is aiming to work in Hotel Management and I know that she will be highly successful with this.

At home with the Hans
In the Picture you can see Mr. Han (far right) and his wife (2nd from left) with one young Korean houseguest (left), myself and Gio (2nd from right) shortly before I left London for Korea.


Recently (6th-7th February 1999) I had a great opportunity to take part in ITW which is the International Travellers World Exhibition at the London Arena. I was very fortunate as I met Gerome, pictured above, who let me crash at his place on the Saturday after a very boozey Saturday night party - temporary open bar - 'nuff said! Gerome's a Joiner and was at the ITW with his capacity as a rock climber demonstrating the indoor climbing wall. Among his many talents is a good knowledge of photography which helped me out greatly that weekend.

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