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***TA Photos***

This photo was taken while Rob and I were on R&R in Dusseldorf in 1990. I don't remember exactly but Rob joined with his best friend, Nick Farn, around 1990.

Rob's a real good bloke who takes his fitness very serriously although recently he's had some physical misfortune with his knees. This, apparently - I say aparently as I haven't seen him for a couple of years, has forced him to drop his TA participation.

Here's Lee Gale, Mark X, Andy McCurdy, Clive Baker and a well leg-cammed Karl Breckon on Exercise Polar Bear '89.

Here's myself and Nick Farn, ready to run around dark fields and throw ourselves into fresh piles of cow dung, all in the service of our country.

Here's Charlie Long taking a rest in front of his 4-tonner during Exercise Polar Bear in '89. Charlie is the hero who introduced me to 'drinking until sober in Germany in '87. He gave me a Stein of German beer with a shot of Apfelkorn (still in it's glass) sunk to the bottom. Until that point everything had been hazey but once I'd knocked that drink back in one, without the inner glass hitting my teeth (as instructed by Charlie) everything was perfectly clear!

Lt Balsilie enjoying a spot of leisure reading during exercise Polar Bear '90.

Jamie North and another guy whose name I've forgotten on their way to the ranges in March '95.

Myself, Lee Gale, Nick Ashley and 'Jam' letting off steam before our flight to Gibraltar for Exercise Marbel Tor '90

Here's Smudge Smith in Germany '90. This shot was taken before his widely known accident which befell him while sweeping out the back of his four-tonner - backwards.


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