Nanna & Grandad Price

Here's a picture of my Grandad and Nanna Price. The photo itself was taken with a camera that they'd just given me for my 18th Birthday.

Their full names are George Price and Amy Price (nee Yearley). Unfortunately Grandad died while I was working away in London in the late summer of 1995. Nanna still lives in Grimsby.

Nanna & Grandad Burns

Here's my Nanna and Grandad on my mum's side Terry and Iris Burns.

Although Terry is not my blood-line Granfather, as my mum's real dad died when mum was thirteen, I've grown up with him as my Grandad. Nan has been very unfortunate as she was widowed twice before.

Altogether my mum grew up one older sister, Sue, and three younger sisters, Julie, Christine and Debbie and a younger brother, Terry.

Dad. Stanley Jack Price

Here's dad in his glory days complete with drainpipes (I'm talking about the trousers.) He was born on the 3rd March 1946 in Grimsby.

At the age of 15 he left home to join the army due to domestic difficulty with his father (It's funny how history repeats itself.) While stationed in Wiltshire he met and married his first wife, Kay. The marriage did not last however and he returned to Grimsby in the late '60s leaving behind two children, John and Kim, my half brother and sister.

After returning to Grimsby and working at the Birds Eye frozen fish factory he met my mum and the rest, as they say is history.

He now works at the Connoco chemical plant just outside Grimsby. Previously he'd worked at Peoples Park in Grimsby, on parks and lighting for Grimsby council and was head gardener at Courtaulds Chemicals, Grimsby until the factory put most jobs out to contractors to save on wages.

His hobbies are gardening and woodwork. He is extremely dextrous and able to create amazing things with basic materials.

Mum. Jane Hidla Price

Here's my mum when she was a  young'un. She was born Jane Hilda Matthews on 8th November '51, second daughter of Iris and first daughter of Robert Matthews. Unfortunately when mum was thirteen years old Robert died of cancer. Cancer Research therefore has long since been one of mums preferred charities. Although he never went by the name of Robert (he preferred Jimmy as his older sister, Olive, had difficulty saying 'Bobby' as a child) When I was born mum named me after her dad.

After having me in Feb. '70 and my sister Tracey in July '73 mum returned to work and started working at Columbells fish restaraunt as owned by Roy and Pat Columbell, which is now St James' in Brighowgate, Grimsby.

When Roy and Pat retired and shifts moved around mum found herself coming home later and later which resolved her to find a new job. She found another job from her first interview in fourteen years at Asda's which was built over the BMX track next to the disused railway track behind Freemand street. This is where she still works today.

She enjoys reading, playing Sega video games and seeing her and dad's many friends at the Cromwell Social Club, of which they've been members since before I was a zygote. Over the years they've won many trophies for darts, dominoes and Cribbage.

Mum says that this is one of her all-time favourite photos
as the family's all together having a good time.

John & Kim

John and Kim are my half brother and sister from my dad's first marriage to Kay. John was born on 21st. Nov.'66 and Kim on 13th. Sept.'68 in Corsham Wilts.
As a child I never knew that I'd even got a brother and it was when I was sixteen I went downstairs one morning and my mum told me that she'd received a letter from Mrs. Knowles, John and Kim's grandmother, saying that now Kim was eighteen it was legally possible for dad to get in touch with them. Also was the news that John was a father of a baby boy, Jamie, with his girlfriend Tammy.It took me completely by surprise.

We took a trip to Corsham later the same year and all met up. At first it was a little awkward but that feeling didn't last long and even though we're about three hundred miles away from each other I feel that we have strong family ties once more.

John's relationship with Tammy didn't last but fortunately he's found happiness with Tracey and they were married on 18th June 94. They now have two wonderful kids, Jacob who was born on 26th Oct.'93 and Lucy, born on 3rd July '95. Jacob's a star and thinks of me as 'Uncle Rob who lives in Hong Kong' even though I've not yet actually lived there, only visited a few times.

John works at the Batheaston Chair Company located in Chippenham and Tracey despite having had medical complications has a cleaning job in Corsham.

Kim married Mitch (Russell Mitchell) in 1992 and they live next door to Kim and Johns mum in Corsham, next door to the house that they grew up in. After working many years for Lloyds bank in Corsham Kim has changed jobs and works for the same company as Mitch and subsequently become his boss. Ha-ha!

Here's an idyllic shot of myself and Tracey (one of the very few.)Me 'n' sis! If you've ever heard about one of those brother/sister relationships where you just don't leave sharp instruments lying about then this would be it. Of course it's gotten better now I'm two thirds of the globe away and Tracey is married.

Following the breakdown of her brief marriage to Alf Freeman she started a relationship with Vic Jennings and now they're expecting a little baby. Vic had been pressing Tracey to marry her for a while so one day she set up a false marriage ceremony with one of her friends. Vic went along to the wedding unaware that the wedding would actually be his own.

World breaking news! As mum hadn't read my E-mail carefully enough she hadn't got my telephone number in Pusan, South Korea so it was by chance that I phoned home and found out about it myself. It was hush-hush so that Vic didn't find out but obviously I was annoyed to find out about it two days before the ceremony. Just a little too little time to fly from Pusan to Seoul to Hong Kong to London AND make my way to Grimsby.

What I could do however was make it special another way - so I e-mailed the Grimsby Evening Telegraph to let them know what was happening. On the day that Clinton was impeached and allied forces bombed Iraq they ran the whole front page with my sister's story. (Plus they didn't even mention that it was I who gave them that story - Like, Thanks guys!)

Vic,Tracey and Jamie
 - less than 18 hours old

One of the many reasons Istayed on for so long in the UK at the beginning of '99 was the impending birth of my nephew, Jamie. Jamie Matthew Jennings was born of my sister,Tracey Jane Price, and her husband, Vic Jennings, on Wednesday the 17thMarch 1999, weighing in at 4lb 11oz.

Well that leaves little old me. I was born on the 25h February 1970 and have done a few things and seen a few countries... and I'm not finished yet.

This is my website and I hope it helps people around the world find each other. That was my personal objective for starting this project, and whether I'll achieve that object or not... time will tell.


Rob Price
12th January 1999

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