Pictured with me are Malcolm Roberts and Ashley Butterfield in the Llyoyds Arms, Grimsby. We're celebrating my 19th Birthday and the small picture I'm holding is of myself and our comic O.F.F.S. which Malc helped me with some of the scripts.

Sitting alongside me here, to my left is Nicola Roberts or Nicola Dales as she was then. We were in the same German class at college with Brian Thirtle from 1987-88. To my right is another Nick but I can't remember his last name or what he studied. (Although I can remember he had a wicked party at his grandparents house years later where his front door window had been kicked in - nothing wicked about that I know but the party was good!)
Anyway, the photo was taken in the wheatsheaf on the last day of summer term. It was a tradition for me to attend and take photos even for years after I left college.

Wow! Here's a cast of Thousands. Seated from Left to Right are Andy Millar, Ashley Butterfield, Rick Still, me, Neil and Hellen (sadly no longer together) and an under-the-table Mally Roberts. We're all at the Barge in Grimsby for what I beleive to be my 19th Birthday.

This photo was taken at Hallowe'en in 1988 at Gullivers. The convincing Vampire is none other than Malc Roberts but who is that spooky masked motorcyclist? Ah, 'tis but YT.

Fear ye not though as I did actually have more convincing make-up underneath

Here at the College pub, the Wheatsheaf, is Mike Asher on the left and next to him, Mark Williamson. If you've been through a lot of the Grimsby site you'll know tha Mark is my best mate. Mike is a good friend with whom, through nobody's fault but my own, I've lost touch with. We know each other through The Old Wingham's Drama Workshop and I got to know Mike as a really humorous character. He studied in Sheffield (and designed a pizza for supermarket giant Tescos.)

Scenes like this were not uncommon in our younger days.

'Tis my two good buddies and me forming a small human pyramid in the old style Grimsby town precinct which has changed beyond recognition now.

These days Ashley lives in Beverley near Hull with his girlfriend Kathy Smith. He works in natural land preservation and is very happy with his work.

Mark has moved to York and is, at time of writing, working for Senate Electrical. He also is living with his girlfriend.

This was one of my introductions to the finer world of 'let's meet for dinner'. The year is in the late eithties, maybe '89, the place is (was) Lou Cabracci'sLou Cabracci's and the occasion is Nic Green's Birthday. This one was most memorable for Nic soaking her hair in olive oil but not realising that she should have rinsed it afterwards.

As those of you who knew me around '88-'90 would know, the young lady with Craig her is my ex, Julie Lester. I had to include her in my website as we spent 14 months of our lives together. However as our split was not amicable I decided to use this photo of her with Craig, as I'm pretty sure she'd not be too thrilled about me using a picture of us together. She now teaches in Cleethorpes and as I last heard she has plans to teach in New Zealand.

Haven't the foggiest what's happened to Craig.

Here's a photo of myself with Chris Stanley, the first girl to break my heart,(sniff, sob) and Lou. Unfortunately I've no idea what Lou's last name is, nor do I know what either of them are doing these days.
In the photo we're at Gulliver's and again it's the Hallowe'en party - just in case you couldn't tell be my make-up.

Here again is my good friend Ashley Butterfield who I've known since the age of 15/16. We first met when delivering papers (at 16! - Yup! The work ethic, whatever that means was definitely instilled)

Behind us both is John, although his last name escapes me at the moment. I do know that he's settled into family life and the last time I saw him his girlfriend had had a cute young baby.

Being a real cheapskate when it comes to haircuts means that I get to know a lot of hairdressing students - It's perfectly safe as they're constantly supervised.
The really unfortunate thing is that I have trouble remembering the girls names as there are a lot of them.

However without doubt I can remember Darren as he was in the Barge or up at Gullivers a lot. I hear he did some travelling to a moshad in Israel and also worked on cruise liners with his hairdressing talents.

This will sound feeble but the only person I can name acurately on this photo is Justin Ormonde, in the white shirt and I think the young lady's name is Suzie but correct me if I'm wrong. The guy in lemon I don't know from Adam but the strapping lad in black should give me a name except it escapes me. Sorry!

Justin is a real charmer and last I heard he went to work for Next on the south coast.

Este muchacho se llama Juan or Spanish John as we called him. If anybody know what he or anybody else on these pages is doing these days drop me a line at

Well you've heard of the Three Tenors, here are 3 Tutors with an equal alcolhol input capacity. It's last day of term at the Wheatsheaf and it would not be too unusual to find from left to right Nigel Toombs, Malcolm Moreland, and George Bell quaffing a few. All three teach at the Grimsby College of Technology and Arts.

Well here's a blast from the past! I first met Steve Drever at the Grimsby Fantasy Society (Science fantasy rather than sexual) when I was 16. Along with Malcolm Roberts we got into Memphis Belle and again met up at college. I think our most memorable laughs were when we dialled US companies for free on BT freephone scheme and even before the operator could speak we'd shout pizza orders into the phone with dire American accents.

Here's a recent shot from my 29th birthday in Cleethorpes. I believe that this is in the Dolphin (but I was too drunk to take much notice.) Jason, Mark and 
Li'l old meI know both Jason Bartlett (left) and Mark Hornsby (right) from the Grimsby Fantasy Society and from time to time we meet up in Cleethorpes on a Saturday night. Mark is also well known to my family as he went to school with my uncle, Terry Burns and also he's worked in Grimsby's Asda for a number of years alongside my mum!

You may wonder why I even include photos of people whose names I've forgotten, well YOU are the reason - If you know of anyone in this or any other of my photos then write in to my Email address and let me know.

Here at the Wheatsheaf are Justin (seated but I wouldn't advise sitting on the Wheatsheaf's floor.) Nail Ghandour and his sister whose name I'm having trouble with, a girl whose name I think is Suzie and Alex White in the yellow shirt. All other names are gone for the moment - Help!

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