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Old Winghams
Drama Workshop

As embarrassing as this photo is it does show some people from a group who were rather influential on my early life. I'm not even going to indicate myself on this picture although by process of elimination I'm sure you can pick me out. On the left is Letty Carr, and second from the left is John (although his surname escapes me.) The lady in the green dress is shadowed by one of the Nelson bros. (Richard he's not.) The lady in the blue dress and wig is Lorraine I think and she's flanked by Idris Hughes.

At the age of 14 I wanted to channel some of my creative energy into the performing arts. I was way too young for local 'bigwig' drama society so I was happy to see a smaller local drama group advertise in the local newspaper.

So in 1984 I joined the Old Winghams Drama Workshop and so started an association with people older than my age range that started a trend for my life and how I was to form my social interaction.

I met and made friends with many people over the four years I belonged to the Winghams until unfortunately the Workshop was disbanded in 1988 due to falling attendance.

One of the memorable friendships that survived the breakup of the Old Winghams was with Mike Asher and I had the pleasure of being at his wedding in '93 to Claire. Unfortunately, as he moved away many, many moons ago I have no idea where abouts he is today.

God, It's Grimsby!

Here's a poster I designed from my college acting days with Steve Gladwin and his Packup Theatre Company in 1989. 'God it's Grimsby!' was written by Steve and his friend C.Colwood and based on Brecht's 'Good woman of Sechzuan'.

And here's a shot of some of the cast members during a well earned break after rehearsals one night.

Included in the group are in the front Amanda Leadbeater (with unidentified face before her), Lisa Garner, two guys whose names I don't remember (oops), Malc Roberts, Colin Carr, a manic looking Steve Gladwin and Jane Twyman.

For Charity Day in '89 (as usual) we dressed up and paraded the streets collecting money for charity. This particular year Jane Twyman had the idea to have a sponsored hug. Unfortunately her boyfriend (Steve) was teaching that day so, hey, I got the job. We dressed as Anthony and Cleopatra. Amanda Leadbeater (rear left) dressed as Ma Taylor, the character she played in 'God it's Grimsby'. Rear right is Liz Stanley dressed as Robin hood (or maybe a merry man, person.)


Like myself, Malcolm Roberts and, of course, Steve Gladwin, Amanda Leadbeater was one of the diehard members of the Drama Group who returned to be in the play year after year, even after leaving college. This shot of Amanda seducing Jim Cook taken in 1991 was in the play 'Renegades'. The play was based on the struggle against apartheid
and Jim plays a slave who is forced to go beyond his duties for his mistress.

Here's a shot of the cast of Renegades from '89. From left to right we can see Kerry Sizer, Sheena Spinks, a camera-shy Katerina Charalambous, Adrian Swann, L'il ol' me, Kerry Purcell, Jim Cook, Mal Roberts and unfortunately I can't make out who's last in line but it's possibly Steve Gladwin.

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