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***Greece '91***

On my first major solo trip abroad I spent almost a week between Corfu, Patras and Athens. Here are some of the people I've met and some of the places I've seen.

Greece'91 | Lindos '99 | Athens'99

People I've met, places I've been in Greece

  • Annette Hansen and Valeria Brandao - Although we did meet in the Italian port of Brindisi (we had to wait a whole day for the boat to Greece) we spent most of our time together in Corfu and Greece.
  • The Pink Palace - Whilst on the ferry to Corfu we had been advised that the Pink Palace was a "must-see venue".
  • Student riots in Athens - I only wanted to buy a student card but as I was walking around Athens I got more than I bargained for...

Whilst waiting for the Ferry from Brindisi in Italy to Patras in Greece I'd met up with two young ladies, Annette Hansen from Denmark and Valeria Brandao from Brazil. We passed the time looking around the docks at Brindisi, sunbathing and just hanging about while relating our travel experiences.

I did correspond with Annette briefly however we haven't been in touch for a long time.

The Pink Palace

The Pink Palace in Corfu is just like an 18-30 holiday hotel and it has all the attractions to go with it (including pink Ouzo).

As you can see from the photo here I'm being introduced to the old Greek custom of plate breaking although I had always thought it that the plate should be broken in the fireplace, but when in Corfu...

The enthusiastic plate breaker is the King of the Palace who goes by the name 'Doc George' and his speciality is to carry a table around with various objects on top of it. You may think nothing much of this until you can see that he carries it in his teeth.

Who else would there be to perform authentic Greek dancing but a pair of authentic Greeks? Dancing with them is Udo, who I think is an authentic Aussie. Before the festivities each night the entertainment staff would get up in front of the guests and tell jokes - I still tell Udo's, once in a while.

Student Riots in Athens
Friday 18th Oct. '91

Whilst taking a jaunt around Athens and looking for the student travel shop I became aware of an agitated feeling in the air. I decided to investigate and you can imagine my surprise to find the above motorcycle on fire in the middle of the street. Then further imagine my astonishment to see that it was actually a police motorcycle. This, in my mind could only mean one thing. Civil unrest.

The sheer number of young people around immediately told me that this was a student riot in the making. Being an inquisitive young pup I followed the students to find out where the action was and it wasn't long before I found a police building surrounded by students. I was amazed as this was certainly nothing like anything I'd seen at home in England.

I spoke with some of the young demonstrators and found out that this was a protest against the government's education budget. That was the story I got, but if you look carefully at the larger banner in the picture it shows violence at the hands of a police officer. I don't understand enough Greek to be able to read the banner(click here for a closer look). If you can understand what this is all about E-mail me at

There was a point when I wanted to get photos of both the police and the students so I ambled about and took one shot of the students throwing bottles and stones while moving away and one shot of the police throwing the bottles and stones back while moving forward.

Suddenly there was a cry that could have meant charge and the whole mass, students and police, moved in one direction. That direction just seemed to rush by me and I knew that I had to get out of there as the police were heading my way and they would certainly mistake me for a student.

I sped for the nearest shop doorway and it was obvious that they had thought of me as a student as the owners blocked the door and shook their heads at me.

In a half panic I shouted at the top of my voice, "English, English!!" and luckily this was enough to convince them that I was no student. So fast that I hardly sensed it (although that could have been adrenalin) I was literally dragged into the shop and the door slammed shut. I took the shot below as soon as I'd been dragged inside. I have a feeling that had the shop owners not realised then I would most certainly have been truncheon fodder. The shot is not brilliant as there is too much light directly on the lens but you can make out the first police arriving at the spot where I was. Note also the white van that is also in the shot above.

Did you see the student riots in Athens
in Oct'91? If so, mail me!

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