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The first time I travelled overseas was with the volunteer reserve of the British Army in 1987. Since that first time I've returned four more times and visited ten different cities in Germany, for different reasons. Here are some of the people I've met and some of the places I've seen.

People I've met in Germany

  • Mark, Scott & Helena-We met in Munich in Sept.'91 and had a wild time at the Oktoberfest with lots of beer and a little cossack dancing.
  • Brad Davison- Acrobatics at the Oktoberfest.
  • Jaime Roque-Met in the Berliner Hauptbahnhof in Oct.'91 and toured Berlin together until I was 'escorted' off the train to Poland by armed guards.
  • Deanne Niel-We met at the station at Munich in '97 and toured Neuschwanstein together.

Mark, Scott & Helena

My first introduction to the Oktoberfest was in Sept.'91 with Australians Mark Hoyland (third from the left), Scott (left) and Helena (whose surnames I don't know, sorry!) We'd met earlier in the day in a tourist office while looking for maps and after saying goodbye once we ran into each other again later and decided to try out the festivities together.

Were you at the Oktoberfest in '91?

Brad Davison

I just had to include this photo of such a daring feat while heavily intoxicated. To be totally honest this photo was taken over seven years ago and unfortuantely I'm not totally sure if I have the right name with the photo so if anybody can confirm that this is Brad Davison of Perth, Australia please get back to me at Thanks.

Jaime Roque

One October day in '91 I mistook Jaime Roque from Covina, CA to be Japanese (Sorry Jimmy!) We hung around Berlin took in some sights and planned to conquer Poland (or at least some of it's females.)

On our trip around Berlin we saw the Television Tower where we met and chatted to a local girl, Silke. Everybody exchanged addresses and I'm still in touch with Jaime who has his own
real estate business in California.

As weight to my evidence that there is something that connects us all I received the photo to my right of myself and Silke among other photos from Jaime by E-mail without request or warning at the time of writing and putting together this web-site on the 15th December 1998. I was so surprised as I hadn't heard from Jaime for at least two months and the last time he'd sent photos was around May'98.

Deeane Niel

In '97 I took a jaunt over to Slovakia via Muenchen. I met a young American lady, Deanne Niel at the train station and we took in the sights of Neuschwanstein Castle. A Japanese tourist, Hiroyuki Yamada took this photo and included it on his website. Thanks Hiro!

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