Rob Price

Acting & Film Experience

Current location: Cologne, Germany.
Age range: 30's Early 40's
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8" Weight: 75kg
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese & Korean. Some Italian.

Mob.Germany: 49 160 97696363

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Theatre Experience

Here 2nd from
the left in 
my first show 
with Winghams
in 1984

1984 - 1988
Old Winghams Drama Workshop, Grimsby, UK.

Joined at age 14 with majority of  peers at least 10 years my senior.

Played parts in many productions until leaving at age 18 with position of Commitee Member.

1986 - 1991
Grimsby College of Technology and Arts,
College Drama Group.

Joined while studying and continued to be an active member even after leaving college. Played in many productions, most noteable being leading 'Joe' in 'Oh, God it's Grimsby!'

Here in 'Renegades', 
a statement against
the Apartheid govt.
of South Africa.

Sitting in a WWII Jeep, 
with Malcolm Roberts
on the set of 
'Memphis Belle',1989

Memphis Belle,
Filmed in Binbrook, UK.

Hired as an extra, just another 'face in the crowd' for David Putnam's epic war movie of the world's most famous B-17 Bomber, The Memphis Belle. Lots of invaluable insight gained in the making of this movie.

Ladder School of English,
You and Me Christmas Production.

Starred as male lead 'Jack' in the Ladder School's Christmas play for children, touring Taiwan (6 performances) Taipei (3 performances), Zhanghua, Tainan, Kaohsiung.



some of the cast of
'Murder in the Cathedral',
a photo taken right
from the China Post,
May 2001

Thalie Theatre

May 2001
'Murder in the Cathedral'

Played 3rd Tempter in Daniel Ingi Petersen's version of T.S. Elliot's account of the murder of Thomas Beckett. The play received many positive reviews from National Taiwanese Chinese and English language Newspapers, including China Post, Taiwan News.

December 2001

Played Clov in Daniel Ingi Petursen's version of Samuel Becketts famed play.

The cast of 'Endgame',
Rob Price, Susanne Palm,
Joyce Chang, Kristoffer Linde.


Formosa - Directed by Toyoharu Kitamura


Major Role in
Toyoyaharu Kitamura's Taiwan
of Arts' film
study's project.



Commercial for Cindy Chen

TV & Commercial Work,
Taipei, Taiwan.

Various Commercials for Hae Song, Virgin (commercial and music video), Sonada, Green Power et al.
Cameo appearance on 'Gangster Professor'.

Talking about
shapely british girls...

Much TV - Shijie Dabutong. Bunch of Chinese speaking westerners sit about and chat about a given topic (often boils down to sexual habits of westerners (five shows))

Topics included

  • 2001 - Getting Naked at home (see what I mean.)
  • 2001 - Perfume (a little tamer)
  • 2001 - Pre-marital agreements
  • 2002 - My other half weighs 100kg!
  • 2002 - Should beetel nut girls be banned from wearing skimpy stuff while selling beetel nuts on the side of the road (phew!)


2001 - ETV Jacky Wu's Wo cai, wo cai, wo cai cai cai!

with Jacky Wu
on Wo cai, wo cai...

001 - TTV San Bao 'fun!'

with Famous Taiwanese Singer, Jolin Tsai. Hired to 'randomly' stop Jolin in the street and test her well reknowned English ability - by asking directions to the Diocese of Prescriptivist Phsycoanalysists.

2002 - Napoli Pizza Commercial - Speaking part, played "Napoli" an Italian gangster.

Here with Jolin Tsai on San Bao FunHere with Jolin Tsai on San Bao Fun

With cast members
Lara Weing?tner, 
Sebastian Hammer,
Marissa Wojtkowiak,
Alexandra Etzold & 
Sabrina Zimmermann.
Photo - J. Schammert.

Heidelberg, Germany.

2003- The Trip. Peter Anthony's Musical which parallels the story of Ullyses in a modern day setting with the daily struggle of youth on the journey to adulthood.

Heidelberg, Germany.

2003- Schattenkaempfer. Directed by Elton Sheme in Zwinger Theatre.

From a Radio play ”der Prozess um des Esels Schatten” by Friedrich Denmattont, which was taken from another 17th century work.

A Minor role out of 3.