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For online video productions
Check out all that's on offer at is a Web community that brings together video enthusiasts as well as media professionals from around the world. It allows them to share and enhance their video experience while offering small businesses a novel way to conduct web-commerce by highlighting their offerings with video-enhanced online product presentations. It features the revolutionary new Multimedia Editor from Javu Technologies and the first comprehensive video hosting solution on the Web. 

We offer: 
State of the art media editor from Javu Technologies 
Full-featured E-Commerce facilities enhanced through video-enabled product presentation 
Ability to easily produce great looking movies and advertisements online 
Hollywood style special effects in your movies 
Ability to make money off your own video content 
Simple streaming media production utilizing multiple streaming formats 
Video enthusiasts from all over the world sharing their work and experience with you 
Free digitizing services 
Ability to display your work worldwide 
Share your interest in specific areas of video production 
Best Web Hosting Packages with enough space and bandwidth to satisfy any needs. 

Below is an excerpt from a recent article on VideoFarm (which is a website of Javu Technologies) and it highlights our video editor, explaining how it works and why it is such a revolutionary product. It really brings to focus how VideoFarm brings the tools and resources of filmmaking to the average internet users. Enjoy!
Up until now, anyone who’s wanted to create and edit multimedia has had to go to a production house, or buy a series of expensive software packages for editing each type of media, and expensive hardware to handle the strain of processing large files. Javu Technologies aims to revolutionize the industry by moving the processing away from the PC and onto the Internet, and providing users with a single, cost-effective cross-media editing tool coupled with the lowest gigabyte hosting offering in the industry.
Those who have their video in digital format can upload the files they want to edit directly to the VideoFarm site. For those that don’t, Javu Technologies offers digitizing services and also provides stock footage video library for people to incorporate into their work. The first time you go to edit your video content you need to download the interface of VideoFarm's editing tool, JavuNetwork, which runs with your Web browser. You can then edit your video on the VideoFarm servers, via the Internet. The interface consists a menu bar, content window, monitor window, time line, and JavuMarks, a set of editing tools including transitions. Editing consists of draging and dropping technique, allowing you to cut and paste large segments down to individual video frames. You can also change or add sound, and create titles and transitions. While you're editing a project, you can see what it looks like by playing it back with either RealNetworks' or Microsoft's player. A low-resolution Preview Build is used to view the video and when finished, a Project Build creates the finished video on the VideoFarm server. Once editing is complete, Javu houses and stores the finished video on its servers and allows customers to have their videos served to their own Web sites. The finished product can be downloaded on the PC or viewed as streaming video inRealMedia format.
Unlike existing desktop editing solutions, users of the service can edit multimedia on powerful servers using any Web browser. It is the first content creation tool that enables users to combine and edit nearly every type of video, audio and image format together with text, and automatically convert them into the finished video format of their choice over the Internet. VideoFarm servers deliver improved processing performance and relieve users from having to invest in expensive add-on hardware, processors and disk space.